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Specialty: the French language

While most of the conventional agencies offer a multitude of language combinations, we have made the decision to focus on our main strength: an excellent knowledge of both the French language and culture. We therefore offer translation and interpretation services between the major European languages (English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian) and French.

Made-to-measure rates and translations

For us, each translation is a made-to-measure product which must respond to your requirements and specific needs. Unlike classic translation agencies, we offer you the opportunity to choose your own rate and level of quality. Do you need to understand the content of an email a.s.a.p.? In this case, a quick translation with less “fine tuning” would no doubt suit your needs perfectly. Perhaps you want to translate a web site or a brochure to sell your products? If so, an absolutely perfect translation adapted to your target audience is what you need! You decide…

Personalised contact

Often when we translate a text, certain terms must be highly accurate. Thanks to our horizontal structure, the translator who is working on your text is able to contact you directly in order to obtain specific details. This direct, personalised contact with the translator, without having to go through any intermediaries, allows you to clearly and effectively communicate your wishes and preferences!

Translations that do not read like translations…

Have you ever read a text that “feels” as though it has been translated? You have to admit that it isn’t great! We will ensure that your translation is adapted to both the culture and the linguistic habits of your readers (potential customers, business partners, etc.). This means that the text we deliver will read as though it’s been drafted from scratch! That is why all our translators are native French speakers who excel in editorial skills.

The flexibility of a freelance translator coupled with the reliability of an agency

We offer our customers all the benefits of an independent translator (direct contact and made-to-measure attractive rates, consistency of style, absence of intermediaries) allied with those of a translation agency (management of large-scale projects, a network of translators specialised in different areas, terminology management, continuous availability). Our customers appreciate the ability to develop a privileged relationship with the translator of their texts.